City Pups! You guys gotta see ’em!

January 3, 2008 at 9:43 pm

YES. We have the cutest, fluffiest, nicest, most well-behaved, funnest dogs ever! Seriously! If you don’t believe me, you better just come down to the store and fall madly in love with one for yourself. I’ll see you there. My name is Sara. I’ll be playing with the puppies…

Here are our Pekingese! These fluffy guys would be great apartment dogs and good friends for children. Don’t forget to buy a hair brush! :)


Our Pugs are perfect! These stout little pups love to snort and play. Trust me, you won’t find the clownish, playful personality in any other dog. A pug will be your best friend!


Okay, so these Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are awfully shy, but it’s not for lack of love and attention! These guys are lavished with it! This brother and sister pair are so mellow and sweet you won’t believe it. They are great little dogs. :)


And our Longhaired Miniature Dachshund is great, too! I can’t wait ’til she finds a good home. She is outgoing and fearless and she’s going to be a gorgeous dog. Her face is so sweet! She is best friends with our Bichon Frisé who is as sweet and pleasant as they get. All she wants is your love and attention and you’ll be happy to give it to such a delightful little dog!


This dastardly duo is a little mischievous, as wild and crazy as they get! But seriously, these guys are fun and attentive, and they’d love to come have fun with you… Just keep an eye on ’em! ;)


They are good friends with this lovely lady, a Shetland Sheepdog with beautiful markings. She is a Shelty through-and-through and has a very laid-back and calm personality. She likes to keep a sharp eye on the goings-on in the store. She is a good dog. And a good model! We were trying some of our cute, cozy clothes on her today!



So come check out some of our pups! We’re glad to share our cute little friends and their stories, and I hope to see you in the store soon!



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