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June 6, 2008 at 3:31 pm

We don’t hear much out of these guys. They’re pretty undemanding and happy to give the limelight to the pups, but we love all pets, including the scaly, slithering ones. :)

We’ve got some new faces in the reptile department! Our newest arrivals include baby Ball Pythons, Red-eared Sliders, Emperor Scorpions (They’re doing great!), some Pacman Frogs (Who appear to be growing rapidly…), some tiny little baby Beardies, and a whole mess of Green Iguanas! These guys are my favorites…

Look! The one on the left is waving! :D

Serious lizards, and seriously cool!

Some of our new reptiles have already found homes! Gone in a flash. The Hingeback Tortoise was one of them… I didn’t even get a picture! And this cute little baby Savannah Monitor found a great home just a few days ago. He was a contented little guy…

And don’t forget there are still some old faces peeking out, Cornsnakes, Kingsnakes, Leopard Geckos, Tarantulas, and yes, even this beautiful Bearded Dragon are still hanging out at City pets just waiting for you to find them. :)

These guys took home this great Albino Burmese Python a few months ago. She (or he?) is doing AMAZING! She has grown so much and still has a great personality. :)

I hope to see you soon!



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