Great Grooming!

December 26, 2008 at 11:53 pm

Our new pet groomer, Kelly, has been doing an awesome job here at the store and we are so pleased with everything she has done for us and for her grooming clients. She is a big hit!

Appearances aside, good grooming can make a huge difference in the quality of life for pets and people. Dogs and cats with heavy, matted hair can become miserable in a short amount of time when dead hair traps dirt, moisture and parasites like fleas. This can cause serious discomfort, skin irritation, and infection. It is extremely important to keep your pets, especially those with long or thick hair, well-groomed.


This dog, who is being called “Red”, was found wandering the streets with a heavy-linked chain around his neck. He was rescued by this woman who brought him in to City Pets for some professional attention to his grooming. Kelly spent hours working on Red, trimming his toenails, brushing his thick, red fur, and washing him down to the skin! This poor dog was so heavily covered in dead hair that you could hardly even feel his skin. When she bathed him, the dirt ran out of his fur in streams. Kelly used a powerful, soothing flea shampoo to kill the parasites that were living in his fur. After removing all of his dirty, uncomfortable dead hair we found out that Red was just skin and bones! Poor thing!

When she first brought Red dog in, he was a little stand-offish and not very excited about being in such a strange situation. But after his bath, brush and pampering, Red was a new dog! When his savior came in to pick him up, you could see his body language change! He was wagging his tail and made a beeline directly for her! He leaned into her when she knelt down to pet him and you could tell he was extremely grateful and happy to see his new friend.

This story has a wonderful ending for Red and the people who share his life and we encourage all pet owners to please be responsible for the animals they promise to care for whenever they take them into their homes!



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