New Reptiles Have Arrived!

February 5, 2009 at 9:44 pm

Alright! Today I unpacked a shipment of new reptiles for the store!

We received:

Three new baby Ball Pythons. They seem fat and healthy!

One baby Mali Uromastyx. She is totally cute and energetic.

Two baby Bearded Dragons. They have gorgeous coloration and I bet they go fast!

One baby Colombian Boa. It is a BEAUTIFUL snake. Lovely markings!

One Albino Pacman Frog.

Two new tarantulas! One baby Emerald Skeleton Tarantula, and one Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula. The Pinktoe is amazing!

Five Red-claw Scorpions.

A dozen Green Anoles and a dozen tiny Green Treefrogs! The little frogs are so cute!

One 7-8″ Colombian Clown Face Redfoot Tortoise. I have a special affection for tortoises, but this guy is honestly totally rockin’ in every way. No one could deny it. I love him already!

And six juvenile Green Iguanas. We have never gotten Iguanas so large before! We had to move them into one of the large double-cages so they could all spread out comfortably! They all seem to have good color and are in great shape, even after the traumatic experience of shipping. ;)

So come by and see all of the new faces in the Reptile Department! I will have pictures of some of them soon and I will post them here for everyone! In the mean time I am going to have a great time tending to their special needs and personalities. :) We’ll see you later!



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Pomeranian goes home! Toni goes home!

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Now at City Pets: Dubia roaches. These are a great alternative to crickets or worms as a protein source for reptiles. We have assorted sizes and they are 50¢ each or 12/$5.00 Fire bellied toads in this week too. Got some great looking lionhead goldfish in too. These little guys are called American or Florida flag fish.  It is in the killifish family and loves to eat hair algae.

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