New Reptiles Have Arrived!

February 5, 2009 at 9:44 pm

Alright! Today I unpacked a shipment of new reptiles for the store!

We received:

Three new baby Ball Pythons. They seem fat and healthy!

One baby Mali Uromastyx. She is totally cute and energetic.

Two baby Bearded Dragons. They have gorgeous coloration and I bet they go fast!

One baby Colombian Boa. It is a BEAUTIFUL snake. Lovely markings!

One Albino Pacman Frog.

Two new tarantulas! One baby Emerald Skeleton Tarantula, and one Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula. The Pinktoe is amazing!

Five Red-claw Scorpions.

A dozen Green Anoles and a dozen tiny Green Treefrogs! The little frogs are so cute!

One 7-8″ Colombian Clown Face Redfoot Tortoise. I have a special affection for tortoises, but this guy is honestly totally rockin’ in every way. No one could deny it. I love him already!

And six juvenile Green Iguanas. We have never gotten Iguanas so large before! We had to move them into one of the large double-cages so they could all spread out comfortably! They all seem to have good color and are in great shape, even after the traumatic experience of shipping. ;)

So come by and see all of the new faces in the Reptile Department! I will have pictures of some of them soon and I will post them here for everyone! In the mean time I am going to have a great time tending to their special needs and personalities. :) We’ll see you later!



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