New Fish Pics!

February 10, 2009 at 10:49 pm


Everybody loves piranha, right? Most people think Piranha are bloodthirsty, vicious fish that will attack any thing that moves for no reason whatsoever. In reality, Piranha are quite nervous, skittish fish who are very uncomfortable unless kept in large groups. Single piranhas are fearful and easily frightened. They only attack, consuming animals larger than themselves, when they are in a frenzied state. Most of the time, Piranha prefer to swallow easy, bite-sized meals, just like other piscivorous fish. :) Still, take care when reaching your hand in the tank to do maintenance!


Here’s a cool guy! The Arrow Crab is a saltwater crustacean with bizarre, impossibly long legs and a funny little pointed body. He kind of reminds me of an aquatic Daddy Long-legs. :) Arrow Crabs are great scavengers, though they are not suited for reef tanks. They can be predatory in certain circumstances involving small spaces or towards decorative worms (feather dusters) and slow-moving fish.


Here’s a cool Green Bulb Anemone. These things have been doing really well for us in the store!


And here’s a cool shot of a beautiful purple Urchin and a couple of Firefish Gobies. :) The purple Sea Urchin is not too difficult a creature to capture with a camera. Luckily, the Firefish didn’t even know they were in the frame! Say Cheeeese!



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