Blitz the Sheltie at the Park!

February 25, 2009 at 1:36 pm

It is a beautiful day! Spring is just around the corner. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it’s time for puppies to take trips to the park! Loose Park is my favorite place to walk the puppies and today it was just gorgeous. I stopped by the store, dropped one dog off for grooming and picked up a new one to take with me to the park!

Blitzen the Sheltie is about to turn 5 months old and he is all done with his puppy shots and is in great health. His temperament is very similar to my Pomeranian’s, and Fannie and Blitz are just about the same size, so we all three went together! I think it was beneficial for Blitzen, who was in an unfamiliar place with strange things going on all around him, to see a little puppy buddy who was calm and comfortable. He really warmed up to things quickly! He was sniffing around and tearing up leaves and sticks within minutes! That’s what we like to see. :)

Blitzen and Fannie play in a similar way, so I let them run around in the wide grassy areas and they played chase, wrestled, and attempted to steal the very best sticks from one another! Blitzen was very well-behaved off-leash and stayed close to Fannie. He even would respond to his name when I called him to come to me! What a smart boy!

blitz-in-park-2 blitz-park-1 blitz-in-park-3 blitz-in-park-4 blitz-in-park-5 blitz-in-park-7 blitz-in-park-9 blitz-in-park-10 blitz-in-park-8 blitz-in-park-6

He was a little nervous in the car on the ride to the park, but I had him sit in my lap and he became much more confident. On the ride back to the store he sat in the seat beside me and seemed quite calm! Blitz did very well on the leash, although I think his herding dog instincts are pretty strong, or he was just nervous, because he kept walking in circles around Fannie and I, making leashes very tangly! We met five different dogs while we were out and lots of different people and Blitzen was very polite and friendly to all! He was not very fond of the geese, however, and I ended up carrying him past all of their commotion!

We had a really great time today in the park and I can’t wait for another beautiful day so that I can do it again! Hopefully Blitzen will be scooped up by then. He is such a good boy!

~Sara, Fannie, Blitzen!


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