Baby Beaker goes home!

April 2, 2009 at 9:39 pm

Our sweet little hand-fed baby Cockatiel, Beaker, found a home today! He was such a sweet bird, we were sad to see him go. I can’t wait until we get more little baby ‘tiels that are as nice as Beaky!

Hand-feeding baby birds is the best and most reliable way of acquiring an extremely tame pet bird. Bird professionals take the baby birds away from their parents at a young age and feed the babies on a special formula made just for them! (We use Kaytee Exact Handfeeding formula.) The baby birds quickly learn that people, hands, and frequent handling means more food, attention, and affection for them! This leads to a bird that genuinely enjoys people and being handled regularly. Heck, the bird probably thinks that he is just another person! While birds that are parent-raised can still be calm and able to be handled, handfeeding a bird creates a stronger bond of trust and results in a much tamer pet.

Here at City Pets we have recently taken on the care of a young pair of very prolific Cockatiels and they currently have three eggs in the nest box. :) The next babies they produce, like Baby Beaker, will all be handfed by Tim here at the store and will be amazing, amazing pets! I can’t wait!

Check back soon for Handfed Baby Updates!



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