Tiny Chihuahua baby goes home!

April 13, 2009 at 5:53 am

Look at this cute, tiny little Chihuahua puppy! These folks are so lucky to have taken home such a beautiful girl! Their other, gentleman Chihuahua is also lucky to have such a pretty companion! ^_^ Little Milli Vanilli found her great home on Saturday. Once this fellow came and picked her up…


Milli returned with her female entourage to take care of all the FUN shopping, like buying cute clothes and dresses. :) They picked out some really precious things for her to wear and she looked fabulous in everything! How could she help it? These folks are awfully lucky to have taken home such a little princess of a dog, and I will miss seeing her beautiful face now that she is gone! I hope they bring her in to visit in the future!

Don’t forget to check out the other pups on our Available Puppies page. Milli’s brother is still looking for a home, along with some other beautiful dogs. Hope we see you soon!



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MiniPin goes home! Duke goes home!!

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Now at City Pets: Dubia roaches. These are a great alternative to crickets or worms as a protein source for reptiles. We have assorted sizes and they are 50¢ each or 12/$5.00 Fire bellied toads in this week too. Got some great looking lionhead goldfish in too. These little guys are called American or Florida flag fish.  It is in the killifish family and loves to eat hair algae.

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