Good Girl Cece!

April 28, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Look at this good girl! This Boxer mix is a beautiful dog. She has a great temperament and is so well behaved! Her Mommy has even taught her a special hand-signal to teach her to sit! She showed me their special sign and Cece sat every time! What a smart girl!



Cece is a special girl because of her short little tail! Docking the tail of a dog is a delicate surgical procedure that is usually performed when a puppy is 3-5 days old and the nerves in the tail are not fully connected to the brain. This ensures that there is no pain associated with the docking, which is performed in a sanitary environment by a licensed veterinarian. The tail is stitched and properly maintained to prevent infection. Unprofessional dog breeders use a dangerous procedure and apply a tourniquet to a puppy when its tail is fully developed. This stops the flow of blood to the tail and kills the tissue, causing the tail to actually fall off the puppy’s body. This creates an open wound at the end of the tail, which can become severely infected, and will never heal over with fur like a properly amputated tail. If you have an older dog or puppy that you would like to have a docked tail, the dog MUST be put under an anesthetic and a surgery performed to sever the nerves, muscles, bones and complicated connective tissue which are present in a dog’s tail. Your vet can give you more details!

Docking (and cropping) are perfectly legitimate aesthetic AND functional procedures for dogs, but they MUST be performed in a proper way and in a sanitary environment to ensure good healing and good looks!

Cece is so lucky that her Mommy took her to the vet to correct her poor mutilated tail! She looks SO fabulous and is so so sweet and smart!


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