Puppies go home!!

May 9, 2009 at 10:26 pm

My goodness, puppies have been movin’ out on me!

Raekwon the Shih-tzu snuck out before I could get a picture. He went to a good home with a young couple whose previous dog had been stolen. :( They were excited that Rae had already been micro-chipped for identification. Micro-chip identified dogs have a small piece of inert metal placed under their skin. This metal device is not active or electronic. It cannot be used to “track” a dog by satellite or by any other means. What it DOES do is provide an identification tag that is not removable, as a collar and traditional tag may be. Even if the dog is stolen, or breaks free from it’s collar, its micro-chip stays in place. When your pet is lost, all you have to do is alert the veterinarians and shelters in your area. If the lost dog is brought to a shelter, it will be automatically scanned and you will be alerted! If the people who have your micro-chipped dog take it to a vet who recognizes the dog from your description, it will be scanned and identified as your dog and returned to its rightful owner. Most veterinarians automatically scan every dog that comes to their clinic.

The majority of the puppies that we get have already been micro-chipped. The procedure at a veterinary clinic can cost anywhere from $25-100. Spay and Neuter: Kansas City offers low-cost micro-chips for dogs that are already neutered at their monthly MASH clinics. Check their link at the right for information on their next clinic date!

And here is our little darling Jamiroquai! Jami found a great family with a beautiful home to be spoiled to no end. :) His name is Maximus now, a big name for a little dog! He has always been a fearless, friendly little guy and I hope he keeps it up. I can’t wait for him to come visit!

may09 maximus home

Everyone needs a little dog. :)

And, our little lady Dachshund, River, found a great home for herself. Her new Mommy already stopped by and told us that she is such a smart girl and she is learning the rules so quickly! I should’ve known she would be so bright! River was always such an alert and attentive puppy. :) What a sweetie!

Don’t forget to check out our Available Puppies page! I have gotten behind on my puppy portraits, but they will be up soon, and just trust that they are as CUTE as can be! :) Plus, I’ve got lots of new babies arriving around the 20th or 21st! We love our puppies and we can’t wait for the new arrivals. Hope I see you in the store!



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