Beautiful Bouvier!

May 14, 2009 at 8:45 pm

OH MY GOSH! Zak the Bouvier des Flandres (BOO-vee-ay day flahn) needed something! Check out this Grizzly Bear dog!

may09 zak before 1

Zak is a giant Bouvie, weighing in at nearly 130 pounds! His owners wanted Zak to be more comfortable for the summer weather, because he loves to be outside! Kelly was assigned the daunting task of removing Zak’s thick, tangled coat. She spent half the day with Zak! The Bouvier himself was a very, very well-behaved dog and let Kelly do just about anything to him. It was still a great deal of work! Here are some in-process shots…

may09 zak during 1

There’s a whole ‘nother Zak layin’ on the floor!!

may09 zak during 2

The hair came off in several large sheets! Zak looked pretty cool with just his head shaved. It looked like he was wearing a gorilla suit! We could have made quite a costume out of the hair Kelly sheared off of him. :)

And look at this Zak after! He must be so much more comfortable! I’ll bet it feels strange to be able to feel everything touching his skin. Even the breeze must feel amazing!

may09 zak after 1

may09 zak after 2

What a happy guy. :)

You can get your shaggy dog ready for summer, too! Just give Kelly a call and she will help you get your doggy (or kitty!) ready for the warm weather with a cool haircut. (913) 709-1799. Hope we hear from you soon!



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