Cockatiels, too!

June 22, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Don’t forget about these great pets! Cockatiels have made wonderful pets for bird keepers for years and years. In fact, the owner of this store, Tim, got his start in the pet business by breeding Cockatiels as a boy! We have our very own breeding pair of ‘tiels, happily squawking and whistling away in the back (amongst other things…) and we currently have three of their babies, of three different ages, for sale!

Pete is the youngest, hatched on Easter of this year. He is a beautiful pied baby and has a really silly personality. He was hand-fed as a baby and is quite tame, although he does tend to like to do his own thing. :) Pete seems to be quite a dainty Cockatiel and is smaller than his siblings, but it could just be that I am used to holding his big brother…

Update! Petey is now Maggie. Sorry for not noticing sooner!

pete cockatiel 1

pete cockatiel 2

Here is Pete’s older brother, a standard gray male Cockatiel. (I call Pete a “he”, but I am not sure about him yet!) This cockatiel was not hand-fed, but he is hand-tamed and will allow himself to be held and petted. However, he is not keen on coming out of his cage all the time! Sometimes it takes some convincing to get him to come out and visit, but he is very well-mannered outside of his cage and doesn’t do any chomping. :)

jun09 cockatiel 1

jun09 cockatiel 2

The middle child (who I do not have any photos of), is a standard gray female ‘tiel. She was totally parent-raised and has not been handled much. She will take the most amount of interaction to tame, but she is a sweet bird and is very responsive when you talk to her and whistle. She acts like she wants to learn the songs, too! I think she will be a very good pet.

Come by and see these fun birds today!



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