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Cairn/Poo and Cav go home!

What a lucky time for puppies!

Our little girl Cavalier has found a home, just one day later than her brother. :) We were both very happy AND sad to see them both go, but they got such great homes! Check out this little girl with her new family!

Who’s the biggest sweetie? I can’t tell!?

And finally our little man Cairn/Poodley guy got his home today! His new family includes a 120-pound Golden Retriever and a big kitty named Walter! This sounds like a cool family and I’m so happy our puppy is going to be a part of it! :)

There are just a few pups left here at the store! Come see these sweet babies today!! :D


October 4, 2010 at 8:04 pm

Summer Fun!

There’s lots of cool stuff happening at City Pets in spite of this wicked heat!

Scooby is all ready for sunshine in his sweet new Doggle shades!

What a cutie!

This little Cairn/Poodle mix went home with her family just in time for some fun in the sun. What a great time to have a puppy! And what a good excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather! Don’t forget this little girl’s two brothers are still at the store waiting for their homes, too!

And our sweet, sweet baby Umlaut went home with her new family just yesterday! I hope she is doing well. She is the sweetest bird I have ever met in my life! We’ll miss you, Umlaut!

There’s plenty of other neat stuff happening at the store, so be sure to come by and see us! Stay cool!

June 24, 2010 at 11:19 am

So Many Pups Find Homes!

Wow! It’s the time of year to get a puppy or two, it seems! We have sent home five puppies in two days!

First to go home was our little Cairn/Poodle mix. She was only here for a day or two! Her new owners had found a dog in their neighborhood, but the dog’s owners were found and they returned their new friend to it’s home. But our Cari-poo looks just like the dog they gave up and they had to have her!

Then, in the same day, some folks who had been eyeing our CUTE CUTE Shih-tzus stopped by to make the big decision! In a wonderful surprise, they chose BOTH! These ladies are neighbors and now these sister puppies never have to be too far apart! That makes me very happy!

And finally, our two lady Dachshunds went home together! Sweet gentle Ida, and silly Virginia will be together forever! Dachshunds are always better in twos! What a good-looking group!

There are still plenty of WONDERFUL puppies waiting for their new homes here at the store! Please stop by today and meet your best friend for a life-time!

June 6, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Rosco’s Tough Guy Makeover

Look at this cutie! Rosco’s owner brought him in for grooming and asked Kelly to do a cool mohawk on him! Rosco went from fuzzy-wuzzy powder puff…

to a trim, tough mohawked dude!

Don’t worry, though. Rosco still has his fun, silly personality. ^_^ He is such a cute pup!!

If your pet needs a new look, don’t hesitate to call Kelly and set up an appointment! You can either call the store number (816) 561-7387, or call Kelly on her cell phone and leave her a message (913) 709-1799! We hope to see you soon! :)

January 28, 2010 at 9:12 pm

Tiny Toy Girl already home!

Sweet! One of our sweet little Toy Poodles has already found a home! We just got this little lady on Thursday! I am happy to see her go home so quickly, and I hope that someone discovers her sweet, sweet sister, too! She is waiting at the store, a perfect best friend. :)

Congratulations, you guys! Let us know if you need any puppy guidance. ^_^ (That goes for YOU, too!)

aug09 poodlehome

What a great family!


August 1, 2009 at 9:35 pm

Grooming’s going great!

We are all so happy with our grooming salon and our fantastic groomer, Kelly. Here are a couple of her most recent make-overs!

Edward the miniature Schnauzer puppy came in for a hairdo; one of his very first! He was a great little pup and his Schnauzer cut made him look like a little show dog! What a handsome guy! Here is Edward before…

may09 edward before 1

may09 edward before 4

Now look at him after!

may09 edward after 1

may09 edward after 2

Here is a pretty little silver Miniature Poodle named Gucci! As you can see, Gucci was a little overgrown and floppy-moppy! His owners wanted Gucci to have a cool new ‘do for the summer, and someting a little tough, since he was a real man. :D

may09 gucci before 3

may09 gucci before 1

Check out Gucci, all re-done! He got a nice short cut, with a manly moustache and mohawk!

may09 gucci after 1

He looks great! I love that little guy!

If your pup needs a make-over, feel free to call today to set up your appointment with Kelly! (913) 709-1799!


May 25, 2009 at 11:33 am

Yorkie-Poo goes home!

Well, a lot of folks had been looking forward to meeting this little girl, but wouldn’t you know it, she just got swooped right up! That is the way it happens sometimes. A family comes in to look for a puppy and they find just the right one. It was meant to be! This family found their perfect puppy just this evening! We are so happy for them!

may09 vixen home

Aren’t they all adorable! You can hardly see that little pup against her black t-shirt! :)

And, in a funny coincidence, I met them this evening in the park while I was walking my own dogs! They were already out showing their new pup the world. :) I love meeting “my puppies” and their new families out in the world… It makes me happy to see them in their new life!

Maybe we will see you later, too!


May 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm

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