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Puppy Visitors!

Check them out! You know I love puppy visitors the most!

Here is Gucci, the Shih-tzu/Poodle mix and Prada the Pomeranian! I love Pomeranians the most, so I’m always most excited when I get a Pommie visitor. :) Thank you so much for coming by!

And here is my buddy, Stanford Couchon! I remember when he first came to City Pets at just 8 weeks old… Look at how big he has gotten since he went home! Stan the Man loves the dog park, Dad tells us, and even though he had just been, he was so wound up and excited to be in the store. :) Stanford is a fun guy and it was good to see him again.

And here is a beautiful chocolate Labrador named Java! Java was very lovely and VERY interested in the kitties we have. (Did I mention that we have kitties? ;) Only three left!) I’m sure we’ll see you soon, Java! Come back and visit!


August 13, 2008 at 11:23 am

Rudy is a bird dog!

Here he is keeping an eye on our two new Quaker Parrots!


Oh, those guys! Come see ’em today!


November 30, 2007 at 10:49 pm

Rudy goes casual in blue polo…

What a stylin’ dog! Fashion-wise, but not much of a guard dog…


We love him anyway. :)



October 14, 2007 at 8:41 pm

Come see Rudy, our new store dog!

We are happy to formally announced that we have decided to keep the male Golden Retriever as the official City Pets and Ponds Canine Ambassador! His name is Rudy and he is definitely the luckiest dog in town. He gets to hang out all day in puppy heaven, playing with toys, chewing on hooves and getting all the treats and loving he can handle. Plus, every night he gets to go home with Tim and Winnie, owners of City Pets and Ponds!

Michelle and Rudy PR photo.

Rudy’s most complicated time of day.

He’s loving life and is such a smart boy! Come by and say Hi to Rudy today!


September 28, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Big news for Golden Retrievers!

Our awesome Goldens have had some excitement recently!

The female Golden has found herself a home, or, rather, it found her! Congratulations, girl!

Female Golden Retriever and her new owner!

Plus the boss-man Tim has decided that the male Golden should be the Store Dog! Hooray! Pay him a visit next time you’re in and give him a big pat on the back for being such a lucky dog! What shall we name him?

We’ll see you at City Pets!


September 12, 2007 at 9:15 pm

Cairn Terrier, Puggles go home! New pups arrive!

Hooray! Our other little boy Cairn has found a new, loving home! Arthur has already been back to visit once or twice and we are always glad to see him! Arthur’s sister is still at the pet store waiting for her new home. Come see if she is the right dog for you!
Arthur and his new friend!

Also our little Puggles have each found homes with lots of new friends. Our little boy Puggle, who is now called Lambeau, was in to visit us just today! He is doing great!

But don’t worry! We have plenty of cute puppies for you to come and visit, or take home to share your lives! Our newest pups are a brother-sister pair of Golden Retrievers. They are so big and silly! Come visit them today!


August 20, 2007 at 10:09 pm

Customer Appreciation Weekend!

Just over one year after opening, our first Customer Appreciation weekend is coming to a close!

We had some great deals, some great prizes, and lots of great fun!

All weekend we have been sharing studio space with nationally known pet photographer, Ginger Delater, of Ginger Rose Photography! Handsome hounds and pretty pups have been pouring through the store for days to get their likenesses captured by Ginger’s skilled lens. (Photo samples to come!)

Other special events this weekend included a Furry Fashion pageant! Though modestly attended, our contestants put on a great show, with a fantastic group of super cute outfits.

Check out the handsome Javier in a striking polka-dot shirt!

Fashion Show - Javier

Layla was lovely in a soft pink dotted dress.

Fashion Show - Layla

Lucy was prepared for the worst, but still looked fashionable in her cute pink and black raincoat!

Fashion Show - Lucy

Veta and Chile were nowhere to be found, for shame, but the two turtles who arrived in their places really stole the show!

Fashion Show - Veda and Chile

A big round of applause goes to Layla and Veda and Chile for winning the grand prize: 6 months of free dog food! And congratulations to all of our contests, who ALL looked fabulous and took home wonderful prizes.

But the fun keeps coming! Two raffles were held this weekend as well! One lucky customer took home a Perfecto 55 gallon aquarium, complete with hood, light, and stand! Congratulations to John Bauer!

The second prize, a complete puppy training kit, including a kennel, food, collar and lead, and all puppy supplies, is being drawn for today. Results will be in soon!

The weekend event has been great fun for the City Pets crew, our loyal customers, and hopefully all of our new customers! Next year’s event promises to be even better, with more wholesome fun, amazing prizes, and exciting events!

City Pets and Ponds extends a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our first Customer Appreciation weekend a fun and fruitful success.

July 29, 2007 at 3:16 pm 1 comment

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